Published 26th June, 2016

Reckless Romantics is a solo exhibition by the artist Jo Darvall at Sagra Gallery, opening June 18th, 2016. This show comprises oil paintings and hand-made artist’s mono prints on chinne colle, depicting the spectacular NSW inland bush area along the Tuross River. The core works in the exhibition were developed from drawings and watercolours that Jo created on a painting and camping trip in December 2015.

Jo Darvall is widely known in the Melbourne art scene as an artist and founding member of the Trust ‘Artists for Kids Culture’ established in the 1990’s with Roar artist David Larwill and others. For the past seven years she has been living in Western Australia where she has further developed her “art practice and reputation, won awards and had works collected by a number of major Australian and International Collections”. She is very excited by the idea of returning to home turf and sharing her new insights and feelings with friends and family both immediate and beyond.